Wednesday, 26 October 2016

The Ghost of Trump in the Halloween Twilght........

I feel a sense of unease some 13 days from the Presidential election in the USA. I noticed last Tuesday and then today an opinion poll .Its a four way opinion poll. Last week it gave Donald trump a narrow led. Today it gave him 42.1 % to Hillary Clinton's 40.8. I see President Trump like a kitsch Nixon lurking in the Halloween twilight with him are the spectres of racism, sexism and the ghosts of billionaire corporate executives , or the Farage like golems , maybe it is the echoes of Brexirt I feel, while the white working class get their country back and give it to the corporations. Maybe it is the Trump like figure of Biff from the “Back to the Future”. Maybe it is Michael Moores`s prediction that Trump would win...I just dont know. Many other polls say otherwise..but I still feel that polling methods and techniques may be flawed are not reaching those who who do not normally vote, or have media presence, those who believe the conspiracy theorists. I wish it was Bernie Sanders facing Trump but I cant shake the unease as the shark suited grey men haunt the Autumn political landscape

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