Thursday, 27 October 2016

" So called refugees" .......I am the Old Pagan at Samhain

"So-called refugees" [Daily Mail on Jews arriving in Southampton, 1900]

I am the Old Pagan at Samhain. In the growing autumn twilight. Dark things stir. Trump lurks uncomfortably close to power. The hatred and vilification of refugees, stirs, grows and develops,Many people in South Wales no longer recognise the migrants as people. They are described as skill less , no lo use for us here. They do not see themselves looking out of the migrants eyes. They do not see them selves in those eyes. They do not understand that all of us would look like that if we had travelled hundreds of miles from a bombed out Melin , Tonna and Pontardawe. Many claiming that they have a Christian outlook no longer remember that the holy Family in the Gospel of Matthew were refugees fleeing from Herod,

We have become darker, less caring. We do not remember the old Myths. That the old bent man with a staff was Odin testing our compassion. I think of the East European Church where its pastor dressed and disguised as a tramp was driven away by the Christian Souls of his church.

I think of the white crates in Calais where the unregistered children are now housed. I hear the brutal and uncaring words everywhere. I realise that the daily mail now and the daily mail of 1900m and indeed that of the 1930s sound the same. The claims about false refugees then and now. There is a brutal spirit in the land its followers worship at the shrine of I, Me and Mine. What will Dicken`s ghosts of Christmas past, present and Future show us, at the Solstice and at the festival of Christmas.

The few dark weeks between now at the time of the Crone show what we look like . There is no picture of Dorian Grey hidden in the attic. We see our images in the comments on Facebook, in the face of Katie Hopkins and on the front page of the mail and the Express. This is the dark time of the year yet many dent the darkness within, edits and manipulates our history to hide that shadows of the past...and in that denial that repression the monsters grow and squirm as hatred, intolerance and ignorance mocks and masks all that is thoughtful, considered . gentle and inclusive.

Margaret Thatchers dictum that there is no such thing as society has been born and is “slouching it way to Bethlehem” and we are sick at heart. They do not remember that the ugliest thing is a person with no compassion. The oppressor moves on, seperating us from others who suffers as we do and projects the broken, spoiled and distorted image on those who are different. The Crone is amonst us and she will reveal the secrets of all hearts.

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