Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Into the maw of the Conservatives...the fate of UKIP..scratch a Kipper and find a Tory

So it is the twilight of the Kippers in true Wagnerian style. Aaron banks talks of establishing a Momentum of the Right as Theresa may promotes migration control, Grammar Schools and the value of Nationalism as lures to the disaffected kippers. May sees that 10 to 15% of the electorate predominately economically disadvantaged and anti immigration has no real place to co. The Conservatives are reinventing themselves again. You cannot deny the real ability of the Conservative party to do this over and over again, as it has done throughout its history. The middle of the road fades as may refashions it as nationalist, anti immigrant, chauvinistic and narrow. I have told you what would happen over and over again. The kipper voters of South Wales are merely a means and a process by which large sections of the population votes for the bankers, the multinationals and chauvinistic nationalism. The closing of Welsh radicalism looms............

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