Sunday, 6 November 2016

Brecht and the death of Hard Brexit....the Ystradgynlais  connection
No I am afraid it is not the predictive text of Our Kippers Caroline's Communication Director Darren Nichols!. But I do feel in Brechtian mood The British court, using British law and home grown British judges have ruled that that the British Parliament must pass a British law to trigger Brexit.......the bastards fancy..... using sovereignty like that.....and what will poor Nigel do now? An appeal to the European supreme court?? A Mussolini like march on London?? [ no doubt advised by young Benjamin on Fascist history] What was all that on British independence day??......even stranger events feeding the kipper paranoia they know that the Lord Chief Justice Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd.....took his title from an area of Ystradgynlais that is very close to the "Loaf Cafe" where that commie Martyn John Shrewsbury has his breakfast every Sunday.....the plot is obvious...its the end of Hard Brexit though......and whats even better is that the Richmond Park by election wont be about Heathrow it will be about Hard or Soft Brexit...berwwen two candidates one a remainer the other a hard brexiteer......oh the unintended consequences.......and fancy that a by election in an area where 74% voted to remain.....and oh the irony for me ......fancy hoping after all these years for a Lib Dem Victory........but even funnier what will poor UKIP do? contest or not gets funnier in a grim way ....perhaps circa Kafka rather than

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