Monday, 7 November 2016

It`s no accident you know........

It's no accident you know...I watched Gina Miller and Nigel Farage debate the implications of the High Court Ruling on the Andrew Marr show. It's no accident that Gina Miller who is of mixed race has had death's no accident that in the USA Latinos, African Americans, women and the young are not voting for Donald's no accident that the white American male frightened by feminism, frightened by the implications of a multi-cultural society, alarmed by the challenge of variable sexuality and gender roles flees into the arms of a billionaire whose family and corporation has given them sub standard housing, fought and threatened health's no accident that the white working class have been seduced, hypnotised and controlled by their is no accident that Marx wrote of this over one hundred years's no accident that the white working class who have been de-skilled and confused by a right wing press turn to the public school educated Tory stockbroker that is Nigel Farage...its no accident that Nigel Farage, Donald Trump and Marine Lepen have used the old concept of divide and rule over and over's no accident that our education system is constructed to create a docile working's no accident that the emphasis on training and skills is about work and not about's no accident that the Trumps and Farage`s of this world do not wish an education that helps people to think critically's no accident is it? If the system helped us to think for ourselves we would have all the wealth creating, creative thinking people we would need. That is exactly what Trump would not it?

Often on these dark mornings I glance out from the carriage window of the train as I travel from Neath to Swansea. Particularly in the last few months I see my Grandfather in my reflection. Wilfred Earnest Hazlewood was in the trenches of World War 1 one hundred years ago. It was a Europe riven by nationalism, the millionaires of that time were arms dealers as they are now. The ruling elites were sacrificing the white working class of Europe on the altars of war. In Wilfred's lifetime there were two wars, the building of the welfare state, the building of the European community. He always kept faith in a simpler more decent world and died before the coming of Thatcher and her championing of hyper capitalism disguised by pseudo family values. This time again as crude nationalism rises the white working class are are being led back to the sacrificial altars hypnotised as once before. Manx was right all along and its time to take off the mask and see the Holy Trump and the blessed Nigel for who they really are. Last week I blocked over 20 people on Facebook I have had enough of ..they certainly had fallen to the Pied Pipers trance-like as they marched to the high altar.......

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  1. before I read this piece, but had looked at the FB comments I had been thinking of divide and rule, and Alf Garnett strangely enough. What a fantastic way of lampooning that kinf of mentality, bring him back or similar. Anyway, here is my response to FB and the original image before reading the article. great minds think alike.Jane King When they stop identifying with their 'masters' and start believing in themselves rather than aspiring to be like the aristocracy, made popularist through celebrity culture. But the whole class structure and machine (media) that keep it in place is incredibly powerful and persuasive. I can't wait to Watch 'The Crown' on Netlfix. I'll enjoy it no doubt, for its production qualities and value it as revealing social history but I can't help feeling it also functions to perpetuate the whole idea of Monarchy, and it's the Monarchy at the top of the tree that perpetuates the whole class system and enthralls so many, who don't make the connection, or who still accept 'the rich man in his castle and the poor man at the food bank'. You can't lump all working class people together. Like any group of people some are more thoughtful, reflective and clever than others. I'd say the vast majority of Mail and Express readers would consider themselves 'middle class'. I see them buying it in Waitrose/Tescos without a thought. They have arrived at a place of middle class respectability, whatever crass message the headlines might be barking, it's easier to read than those bigger papers! They're the preserve of the truly posh or the intelligentsia, (infact lots of working class people take these papers and read them critically).Even our papers broadly fall into class divides, and people on the whole know their place. The Sun, The Mirror and I guess The Star are papers that the 'working class' indentify with, the Mirror being the only remotely intelligent socialist paper in this class. I sense that some people are using this feed to deride working class people, which is a real pity. It reveals another kind of prejudice. I am a working class girl who thankfully grew up in a better age when people believed in a meritocracy and I could go to university as easily as the next person given the right motivation and not be crippled by debt. So let's not talk about 'them'...let's talk about the system and how it divides us and manipulates us.