Wednesday, 26 October 2016

So the true nature of the SNP is revealed...aviation and Heathrow shows their green soul...

So the true nature of the SNP is revealed. They will support Heathrow expansion. How fragile and opportunist are their claims to be Green. I see the lack of understanding that climate change is international..and I see the shadow of deep prejudice....well it will help Scotland they think. We seethe FUP from Northern Ireland thinking the same and we all know that a majority of both Labour and Tory MPs will support it. The Tory MPs around Heathrow are only thinking of saving their seats and there is an unholy coalition of po;critical opportunists sprung into action. Once more short time thinking replaces joined up long term thought. Empiricism tempered by Prejudice is the order of the day. There has never been a greater need fro an Eco Socialist Green Party than there is now.


  1. London is already a filthy, stinking shithole. An extra runway at Heathrow isn't going to make a rat's fart worth of difference. Better there than somewhere that's worth giving a fuck about.