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..a Tory front organisation. Channel 4 investigates ...... Blue Telecom of the Neath call centre...

..a Tory front organisation. Channel 4 investigates ...... Blue Telecom of the Neath call centre....…/revealed-inside-the-secretive-to…
In 2015 the Tory party was under investigation for electoral offences in terms of election expenses. In Thanet their MP is to appear in court in July. Now we hear of Blue Telecoms, that was run from the Parade in Neath. I watched the Channel 4 investigation into this company. I wondered if the claim by Sacha Lopez that they were just doing market research stacks up against learned academic and legal opinions that in fact they were a canvassing unit pure and simply.

Even a Conservative spokes person contradicted young Sacha. I heard him say on the programme to claim they were ringing from Cardiff. He used the fictitious name Axe Research to pretend to be doing market research. There is a scene where Sacha Lopez holds up a £50 note and tells the zero hours workers there that if they would like to snitch on any of their fellow workers for false data collection that he will give them the money and deduct it from the others wages. How perfectly Conservative, how perfectly Lord of the Flies, how perfectly designed to destroy mutual solidarity and support.

In the last day of the campaign the call centre shifted to promoting individual candidates. Byron Davies the Conservative candidate was one promoted. I wonder if when Byron Davies presents his election accounts where this promotion will be listed? We can clearly see that Theresa May's theme of " the six seats to lose" was constellated with this message. One must ask just how this call centre effected the result in key marginals and it may be that its' activities may have influenced the result in up to 20 seats. That's the difference between JC being in Downing Street or not. There are also serious possible implications legally both on privacy and storage of data as well as possible issues for election law and electoral expenditure accounts.

This scandal will grow and grow, it will probably bring down the government or lead to more prosecutions that will lead eventually to the fall of the government. There is corruption here because of the denials and false identities used by Blue Telecom. Watch for the drama as it in unfurls.
My favourite bit was where an arrogant Sacha Lopez on the last day of the campaign claims that the country is turning blue. I would love to have seen his face as the exit poll emerged and the results came rolling in.

But we cannot deny that the activities of this organisation has had an impact. It clearly may have saved the loathsome Steven Crabby and may well contribute for large Tory votes in Neath, Port Talbot and Lanelli amongst others. The models of research and identification of Tory support must have been tested and applied somewhere....…/conservative-party-call-centr…

It's no accident that the location was somewhere like Neath. It offers a source of cheap labour, zero hours contracts and is hidden away. It's perfect for hiding the reality of what the organisation really is. I was interested to notice exactly who locally and on which Facebook groups helped promote the recruitment of local workers by Blue Telecom. If you have any interesting stories or recollections about who recruited you please let me know. This story has lit a fuse that will bring down the Tories and one must speculate on what will happen next. I am also fascinated that the Tories waited until I moved to Ystradgynlais to set it up in Neath Lol. It is illegal to collect our data unless you are a bona fide registered research organisation and it is illegal to promote individual candidates this way. On the day before polling the call centre promoted amongst others the local conservative candidate for Gower. Let us see if this allegedly breaks election law....
But seriously if you can give me any more information I can be reached on or on's going to get interesting.....this is how "Link in" descrubes Blue Telecom
"Company Industries Telecommunications Neath Company Followers 76 followers
Blue Telecoms is a leading provider of affordable, reliable telephony. Our primary business is VoIP Wholesale and diallers for call centres. We also provide office phone systems, internet connectivity (fibre optic, Ethernet First Mile...etc).
We are a dynamic, design-driven, young-spirited brand, constantly seeking to push the boundaries of communications. Passionate perfectionists, Emotional technologists. We provide communications solutions for small and medium businesses worldwide. We lead the way with our VoIP technology and wholesale pricing".

Its no wonder the Tories want to privatise Channel 4... we cant have things like this happening......

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