Friday, 2 June 2017

I know why the right, the crypto fascist, the purveyor of the alt right fear the writer, the poet, the scholar and the philosopher

I know why the right, the crypto fascist, the purveyor of the alt right fear the writer, the poet, the scholar and the philosopher. The truth is that the creative mind is an antidote to the bland world, the narrow common sense of the price mechanism and of a reality determined by statistical average. They fear that an education system that brought out the creative skills in us all would be a dangerous thing. The right want us to know our place, so the dismiss the creative thinker as an elite, as isolated from real life, they tell us that they look down n ordinary people but the truth is that the real elite are the bankers, the plutocrats, the billionaires and the autocrats. They hide the truth by dismissing the alternative...and yet when we look at Trump, Erdogan , the Arab autocrats and the face of Modi we see the same darkness behind the eyes. This is the new world order, the strangler of the poet, writer, thinker and academic. A simplistic world view helps control us all. The autocrats uses their stooges to control us they find a Farage , a Nuttal , a Theresa May to control us by teaching fear of the other, by fearing the different long ago Bernard Shaw claimed that the reasonable person excepted the world as it was and bent their life to its acceptance, and the unreasonable person sort to bend the world to their ideas and outlook. Shaw argued therefore all change therefore depended on the challenger, the rebel and the thinker. It was the creative mind if the thinker that is locked away by Stalin, Hitler and the autocrats like Erdogan and autocrats of the Middle East. The Daily Mail, the Daily Express and the Sun mocks them yet they persist. The ideas pour out of the thinker . It is never that the thinker feels superior it is simply that life has given then the chance, and the psychological obsseioon to have the nerve to pour their ideas into paper and into social media. It is as if they are more easily bruised by the crypto fascist , the alt right thug and the authoritarian. They cannot keep quiet about massacres, exclusions, and oppression, prejudices and narrow thinking. I am a rather mediocre thinker myself with a touch of dyslexia and dyspraxia and I have long thought and believed that my thoughts are important and valid. I believe that we should all be encouraged to be creative and to challenge common sense and the statistical average that is conservatism.. I make no apology for having the sheer good fortune, to be well read, hungry for knowledge and mentally rebellious . I wish we all could have that good fortune.

Next week in June 8th we have a choice to decide between being a thinking open society, that is inclusive out ward looking and creative. Compare Lucas and Corbyn with May and Nuttal and you have it clearly. We all have the capacity to develop our inner thinker but society makes it more difficult for many. Those of us who think and are fortunate enough to have had the luck to develop ours must be of the left, of the challenger and of the critic. There is an old Indian proverb that says that within each of us is a gentle creature and a ravenous monster. The one that wins us the one we feed the most . There is no doubt which one Trump, Nuttal and the Conservative party is feeding....and they and we know it....the revenant is a pale figure that rides on a pale horse . It is the figure from the book of Revelations and it rides with Trump May, Erdogan and in the wake of Nuttal, Farage and others of the authoritarian right...six days to choose. ..only six days

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