Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The three wise Monkeys...Blair, Brown and Kinnock ..after Thursday June 8th

It is only 7 days since last Thursday? The rules have been rewritten, the paradigm changed. Millions like myself have long argued that a campaigning Left party could make progress in a world like ours. The themes of Libertarian Socialism have long talked about community campaigning, empowerment and the activist. The rise of social media has enabled the right wing press to be sidelines. As social media grows it now reaches at least 50% per cent of the population. this will continue to grow. the generation that only reads papers like the sun, the Mail and the Express will pass through nature to eternity.

As the rules are rewritten and we see 40,000 people voting for Caroline Lucas in Brighton and Labour storming Canterbury and Kensington. We know it is possible for the left to win without moving to a pseudo conservative position. its clear that Corbyn or Smith could have led a Labour party to victory in 1997. new Labour was not the cause of victory : it was the savage thirst for a new beginning. I would love to see the faces of the three wise monkeys , Blair, Brown and Kinnock. I would like to have heard their comments as they watched the election results role in last Thursday night. The books have been rewritten, the model changed and the results clear. Labour have now identified 60 key marginals to campaign in. The latest polls show a Labour lead of 6%.

I am aware of the humble pie being eaten by the right wing Labour MP's right now. They will quickly adapt and soon ambition will make of them good socialists who always believed in the possibility of the Corbyn achievement. however i should warn them that the tone of their behavior, the bullying of Corbyn and their Byzantine intrigues will not be forgotten. In a Labour party with new activists, including the 40,000 who have joined since June 9th will have longer memories.

from September the Labour party will reform itself. The left has the party now and will remake it in its own image. Mandatory re-selection will come in and the new young activists will seek to replace the old guard. The schemes of Stephen Kinnock and his plots will be unmasked and it is unlikely that hi ilk will survive long as Labour MP's. Lord Kinnock, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair will slowly baste themselves in a sauce of bitterness and self loathing. The three wise monkeys who deny what they say, see and hear will be unable to deny what is happening. 

Perhaps Corbyn will take Caroline Lucas into the cabinet, except the reality of electoral reform, become inclusive and lay the foundations of a Green Left . There is a real chance now for the forces of Socialism to create a new agenda, a new formulation of change and the real aim of keeping the right out of power for a generation. Its up to you Jeremy to take the long view...please don't fail us...

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