Thursday, 15 June 2017

Frightening lies from the other side...Enough is enough

I wrote these words last year on the Thursday morning of the day that Jo Cox was slaughtered by the hideous neo Nazi Thomas Meir Today as I look back on the slaughter of people in Grenfell Towers. The scapegoating of immigrants has been used to obscure the cut backs in our safety both in terms of threat from the violent purveyors of Isis and from the violence that comes from paying the cheapest price to refurbish the tower block.

How many times did the residents express concern.?How many times were they ignored by the council?. Those who live in social housing are often ignored and the ideology of home ownership is used as a aim that we should all aspire to. How many Tory MPs voted to limit safety over the risks of fire? The truth is coming out ...and there is power in the darkness.......
“There is a collective shadow haunting us all. A dark grim shadow of British Chauvinism. Carl Jung the psychologist argues that the ego that identifies with the self becomes inflated and thinks itself god-like Such an event leads the individual or organisation projects its own irrational shadow onto others and identifies them as evil.

The mass psychosis in Germany in the 1930s led to this projection onto the Jews. Today it is being projected onto the immigrants and the others who are not “just like us”. Then as I came in this morning I remembered a song from the late 70`s. It was called “Power in the Darkness” it was by the Tom Robinson Band. Its lyrics were a polarity between those looking outwards and those looking inwards.

I have seen and heard comments worthy of it. I quote this comment from the Facebook Group “Port Talbot Debate and Argue as an illustration “ seen just a few minutes a go taking about the “millions of EU migrants here claiming benefits”

These are the Lyrics as valid now as they were then “
Power in the darkness
Frightening lies from the other side
Power in the darkness
Stand up and fight for your rights
Freedom... we're talking bout your freedom
Freedom to choose what you do with your body
Freedom to believe what you like
Freedom for brothers to love one another
Freedom for black and white
Freedom from harassment, intimidation
Freedom for the mother and wife
Freedom from Big Brother's interrogation
Freedom to live your own life... I'm talking 'bout
Power in the darkness
Frightening lies from the other side
Power in the darkness
Stand up and fight for your rights
(Voice from The Other Side:) "Today, institutions fundamental to the Britishsystem of Government are under attack: the public schools,the house of Lords, the Church of England,
the holy institution of Marriage, even our magnificent police force are nolonger safe from those who would undermine our society, and it's about time we said 'enough is enough' and saw a return to the traditional British values of discipline, obedience, morality and freedom. What we want is:
Freedom from the reds and the blacks and the criminals
Prostitutes, pansies and punks
Football hooligans, juvenile delinquents
Lesbians and left wing scum
Freedom from the niggers and the Pakis and the unions
Freedom from the Gipsies and the Jews
Freedom from left-wing layabouts and liberals
Freedom from the likes of you..."
Power in the darkness
Frightening lies from the other side
Power in the darkness
Stand up and fight for your rights
The fear and loathing lurks beneath and we are all diminished by them. WAKE UP AND FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS..

So the Queens thoughts and prayers are with the residents of Grenfell tower. How about opening the room.s of Buckingham palace your homeless subjects?:Eh Mrs Windsor....

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