Friday, 23 June 2017

More on Blue Telecom

My little birds continue to bring in more information. Thank you for texts, emails and ohone calls. it would be interesting to know which if ant candidates, councillors activists and even MPs dropped in to the "call centre above Bargain Booze in Neath,. if you dont know who they were. Pictiures can be found on coincil web sites and in the papers. A real perfect storm is blowing up. all your replies will be in total confidence. I would love yo know which Conservative party organisers if any dropped in? Were they from central office or were they Welsh Conservatives? Where was the data stored? Dud yoi oberhear any choice comments or observations...were any neath councillirs involved/ Or indeed any staffers or Assembley members. I can be contacted on 07592330467. e mailed at or can be tweeted to on @fraterecat.....everything will be in confidence.......

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