Thursday, 1 June 2017

Political Thoughts 7 days to go...the Turning of the Tide?

 Perhaps the Canbridge audience last night reflects the turning of the tide. I felt as if i wa swatching a thing I had not seen before. The left parties even the Liberal democrats shred a paradigm, an outlook that has been missing. Each party built its own niche, solidified its base, reassured its radicals and clraly showed how Paul Nuttal and Amber Rudd were people out of place.Is this moment i wonder wonder that we look back on when the tide for the left turned? I wonder..part of me thinks so..but I am so cautious with 7 days to go.
Two people shone in last night's debate. One was Jeremy Corbyn and thei other Caroline Lucas. Both speak to the angels of our better nature. The appeal of each is hope, another road less traveled and the inspiration of the possible. The appeal of Conservatism is something narrow, something that is done secretly, an appeal to self interest a grubby little thing done for the self and hidden from the light of day. with one week to go the choice is clear. It's going to be a hell of a week.

But if the Tory sales pitch is grubby. .there is a griubbier character and that is Nuttal. He is grubby , crass, simplistic, a half house trained crypto fascist. He takes the partial explanation, the anecdotal evidence and always again and again chants the mantra of immigration. He doesn't even know the full causes , the implications and interconnectedness of issues. He is a plague spreader of prejudice, disinformation, exclusion and worst of all gives the great city of Liverpool a bad name and worse a lousy association. Blokes like him are so easy to predict , so easy to understand and such an embarrassment to men everywhere. Leanne Woods comment was brilliant ....
I saw the Prime Minister in Jeremy Corbyn and the conscience and humanity in Caroline Lucas the true heir of Tony Benn .Seven days to change us all, seven days to reject the narrowness and seven days to claim our true nature.

 The Tory lead falls to 3%...panic strikes the Tories.Its like February 74. An arrogant Heath called an election on who rules and his lead evaporated. he behaved like a President....does it remind you of Theresa. Yo cannot escape the lessons and examples of history. But beware the smears will begin this weekend. The Tory Party is a viscous wounded beast at will call out the dogs of war from the Tory press...there is a week to go and its all to play for.......the poll was taken before the debacle of the non appearance of Theresa May at the Cambridge debate...........

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