Monday, 26 June 2017

Monday thoughts and good morning.......

Sometimes I believe life is episodic, some times I believe it is narrative in nature. And my belief varies between saying there is no free will and at other times I think we need the outlook of behaving as if there is free will. When I am episodic Neitzche calls to me stating that we are small particles of fate living out our roles acting upon our natures..this happens when I am a Philosopher. When I am into a narrative belief I read Carl Jung and find myself a Psychotherapist. When I am a political activist I am Gramsci and believe that I could storm the walls of Heaven......its Monday...Time for the pessimism of the intellect and the optimism of the will...Good Morning

The DUP move nearer to a supply and confidence deal deal with the Conservatives.Theresa May says she will release the details of the deal but the question remains will she reveal the price of the deal.
Piers Morgan lays into Corbyn at Glastonbury but has a certain blindness over Ascot....he criticises Macdonnell for using the term murdered for the dead residents of Grenfell tower ...yet he says nothing for those murdered through the world by the diktats if the world bank and by the rules of imposed for years upon years. ...

 Dinosaurs rebel at the idea that they are like the DUP 

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