Friday, 23 June 2017

Bishop Ball, Lord Carey and the Church of England cover up

So George Carry as Archbishop of Canterbury maintained a conservative position via the role of women and that of LGBT issues in the church. He helped deny many vicars and church members a true role in seeing both their sexuality and spirituality as part of themselves. The denial and deliberate hiding of the sexual assaults on many young people were purely done to create the illusion of a saint. Bishop Ball now serving a prison sentence for his assaults on many people was valued more of his appearance rather than the reality. Lord Carey collaborated in this denial and was quite prepared to use the Church of England as a means of conservatism to control those disapproved of. The victims of oppression, of being used stands fundamentally against the tradition of the early church. It used to be said that the Church of England was the conservative party at prayer. In Swansea a local vicar behaved like Bishop Bell and in numerous cases organised religion was used to obscure the reality of the situation, to protect the abuser and deny the victim.

Those who exercise power fail to understand the workings of power. The blindness it creates asks us all to challenge any institution that seeks control rather than liberation.Sicial control must be resisted and those who seek to deny it's victims must be called to account. The paradigm changes and the issued and abuses of the past must be revealed. Spirituality must be separated from the monotheisms that oppress women, the young and the vulnerable.i could as Neitzche observed only believe in a God who could dance. The celestial dictators of the Abrahamcic faiths have seen, through its priesthood seem more interested in the free lovemaking of individuals exploring their sensuality than those of the abusers lurking within its ranks. The erotic is an aspect of the spiritual and not an impulse and need to be denied. Eroticism fit best into Martyn Buber's " I Thou" model rather than that of the "I it " of sexual is most apt that George Carry after such denial and failure to act after being repeatedly contacted by Balls victim should stand down as an honourary Bishop.....

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