Wednesday, 28 June 2017

U pdate on FridayThe far right siirs up hate.......... against refugees

I took this from a Hope not Hare email...please support their work

"Earlier this month, we broke a story that a group of young far-right activists were trying to raise over £50,000 to disrupt NGOs from saving refugees off the south coast of Italy, which was then picked up by the Observer and other newspapers.

Dubbed "Defend Europe", these identitarians – a European movement similar to the American alt-right that has developed a large following and influence online – pride themselves on an anti-immigrant, anti-Islam agenda.

Now, we've discovered they have secured a 25-person ship and are raising more funds to operate it in the Mediterranean. In their own words, their aim is to "defend EU borders" and "rescue Europe by stopping illegal immigration". They have also begun to collect information on the NGOs working to support refugees and their staff.

We must not allow this to take place. This is a clear call to action by the far-right, using the internet as a powerful tool to drive their agenda by fundraising using crowdfunding platforms, recruiting and mobilising supporters, and spreading their toxic message.

And the result of these actions could very well result in lives being lost."


 We have been able to track down the ship to a port in Djibouti, on the east coast of Africa, and we have eyes on its movements. We know that the boat is due to set sail next week and will reach the Mediterranean, via the Suez Canal, in two weeks' time.

This is a very real threat. Defend Europe has two main aims: to block aid agency ships from making life-saving rescue missions, and to patrol the sea and prevent crossings from taking place.

A number of the NGOs working in the area have already recounted stories of being threatened by far right activists and fear a hostile and intimidating environment in which to carry out their essential work.

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